Ultrascan Brand Protection

Corporate Identity, Brand and Trademark Protection

Who are we

Ultrascan has been established in 1996. Ultrascan Brand Theft Protection is a subsidiary of Ultrascan Research Services an international research organization with 3284 experts in 69 countries.

What sets Ultrascan Research Services apart is its "feet in the street". Ultrascan Research Services not only employs academics but also doctors, physicians, engineers, and ex-law enforcement personnel, a powerful mix of science and streetwise skills.

We provide strategic advice.

What we do

Investigating and monitoring transnational crime markets gives us an inside view on current and future developments. Internet surveillance monitors whether your data is available on public websites, chat rooms, blogs, and non-public places on the internet where data can be compromised, such as the "dark web" , It enables us to pre-empt and disrupt criminal trends.

Working with governments on the path of reform, providing advice and support on key areas of governance, modernisation and implementation.

Anti-Counterfeiting Services

Researching & Disrupting Counterfeiting

Explosive Growth

Counterfeiting is a growing and increasingly dangerous phenomenon. The statistics of seizures for 2007 confirm an existing trend. In 2007, EU Customs seized more than 79 million counterfeit and pirated goods and handled more anti-counterfeiting cases than ever before. A total of more than 43 000 cases were dealt with in 2007, up nearly 17% from 2006. These figures reflect the fact that seizures involving smaller quantities of counterfeit and pirated goods have increased.

Comparing to 2006 we see an increase in almost all product sectors. Besides medicines, which have gone up by 51% compared to 2006, the 264% increase of intercepted articles for personal care is also a very worrying factor considering that creams, toothpaste and razor blades are amongst them. Another worrying sector is the one of electrical equipment in which we find fuse boxes, switches and other safety equipment under the seized goods.

The increasing use of the internet to sell fakes (mainly medicines) and the fact that the high quality of fakes often makes identification impossible without technical expertise increases the challenge.

Anti - Corporate Identity Fraud Services

Part of The Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) initiative

Anti - Corporate Identity Fraud Services

Researching & Disrupting Corporate Identity Theft and Counterfeiting

The Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) initiative is a confidential and sensitive security initiative designed to provide a long term methodology using independent service providers focused specifically on protecting The Clients from all forms of identity theft and cyber-crime. The inherent openness and anonymity of the internet are creating unprecedented challenges for The Clients. Fraud, brand abuse and unauthorized use of The Clients intellectual property have moved online and are increasing exponentially. We envision three key deliverables to protect The Clients;


Subsidiaries of an international research organization with over 3280 experts in 69 countries

"We have the tools and resources. Managed appropriately we effectively monitor with impact assessments in place"