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Ultrascan Anti Corporate ID Theft Program Deliverables

Part of The Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) initiative

Anti - Corporate Identity Fraud Services

Researching & Disrupting Corporate Identity Theft and Counterfeiting

The Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) initiative is a confidential and sensitive security initiative designed to provide a long term methodology using independent service providers focused specifically on protecting The Clients from all forms of identity theft and cyber-crime. The inherent openness and anonymity of the internet are creating unprecedented challenges for The Clients. Fraud, brand abuse and unauthorized use of The Clients intellectual property have moved online and are increasing exponentially.

We envision three key deliverables to protect The Clients;

• ·         Advance Fee Fraud Protection

• ·         Brand and Trademark Protection

• ·         Criminal Investigations

Ultrascan will provide experienced personnel to work closely with The Client’s Security Team to ensure requirements are being met at all stages of the contract. The program managers will have deep subject matter expertise and the ability to speak confidently as to the planning and execution of all phases of the contract.

Results Oriented Service;

·         Ultrascan provides results after each 30 day period which will provide information on the continued scope of the problem, the identities of the real perpetrators, and continue to maintain the “fear factor” dynamic against the key perpetrators.

·         Continue to make The Client unattractive to 419 criminals and ensure that the names of The Client is protected to the highest level possible.

·         Delivered targeted response to the issues facing The Client Field Offices, focused on our priorities listed below.

·         Provide The Client with actionable information which can be used at any point during the contract period to physically take action with appropriate law enforcement authorities to arrest the key perpetrators of cyber-crime against The Client.

·         Continue to ensure that the names of The Client will no longer be used frequently by cyber-criminals, fraudulent email the fraudulent 419 web sites/emails down to a manageable level and the profile of The Client will be significantly reduced as a target of 419 fraud. This is a continuity program in order to maintain vigilance against cyber-crime targeting The Client.

Ultrascan will provide detailed monthly reports on progress made on all tasks.

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Ultrascan will execute the following tasks for The Client;

Identify the latest scam formats, email addresses, IP addresses, fake web sites, target groups, trends in the scam market and manually program internet-search-robots to track The Client’s related fraud on the internet.

Analyze data collected to conduct targeted take down of The Client related fraudulent web sites and email addresses in order to get The Client “off the mark” and create a fear factor within the 419 criminal networks which will make The Client an unattractive target to cyber-criminals.

Specifically research, monitor and protect the Names of The Client. Focus efforts to take down all cyber activity targeting the Names of The Client.

Determine fraudulent activity targeting The Client Field Offices and protect against abuse of the Field Offices and the Resident Representative’s identity in each of The Client Field Offices across the globe.

Monitor and report on the criminal activities of 419 fraud related individuals and their networks, conduct electronic take down of key players web sites and email addresses.

As requested collect the real identifications of perpetrators, bank accounts, companies and targeted individuals including victims to support prevention projects and structure investigations of law enforcement authorities.

Register and protect against email/phone/fax harvesting attacks on The Client business networking sites that show ID details and email addresses/fax/phone numbers of The Client staff.

As requested investigate locally to verify the registered address and report circumstances.

·         The project will operate as “stand alone” and not need access to The Client data, however the The Client Security Unit will provide access to current Client cyber-criminal files.

·         Set new specific POR and filters with The Client identity details.

·         Establish a fear factor with the organized perpetrators of fraudulent activity using the name of The Client.

·         Analyze filter results and manually/robot search the internet.

·         Report evidence of scam email and scam web sites that make use of The Client.

·         Identify perpetrators and victims.

·         Provide scam details to The Client Security Unit and appropriate law enforcement authorities as requested.

·         Analyze trends and adjustments by scammers during the project.

Advise on changes to The Client profile, trademark and infra-structure that will make The Client unattractive to AFF perpetrators.